How does franchising work?

Franchising is one way of expanding a business. When a business owner decides to franchise, they give the franchisees a license to operate a business using their brand and business model, in exchange for a franchise fee.

The terms of this franchise fee vary depending on the user-case that we consider. It may be an initial payment or an ongoing cost as a flat fee or a percentage of the turnover. Franchising is a mutually beneficial arrangement. The franchisor wants the franchisee to succeed, just as much as the franchisee does, so you can trust the franchisor will be willing to offer support however they can.

The franchisor makes numerous resources available for the aid of the franchisee, to help maximise the success of the franchise. The franchisee benefits from working over the franchisor’s tried and tested business plan. Making business-critical decisions is hence simplified. The further franchisee benefits from the established brand name of the franchisor, and the brand value that it delivers. A franchisee then benefits from the ongoing training that his staff members receive on the franchisor’s behalf.

Through the training sessions offered by the franchisor, the franchisee gets a greater understanding of the marketing strategies that the franchisor uses and thus is in a position to gauge why they are successful. In some cases, the franchisor makes ongoing marketing support available for a franchisee, which helps his franchise thrive and succeed.

Success Tutoring‘s simple and effective business model makes it an ideal franchise for a young investor – particularly with its low investment cost. We are granting tutoring franchising opportunities for all interested parties across different locations in Australia. Ongoing marketing support forms part of the package that we deliver for the franchisees.

Success Tutoring is involved with proactively advertising the franchise tutoring business. Their marketing support comes in the format of innovative presentations, design solutions, and brand guidelines which brings more students to a franchisee’s centres.

Furthermore, Success Tutoring curates a range of marketing materials such as social media templates, signage and online advertisements available for a franchisee. A franchisee gets access to an elaborate digital media catalogue that franchisees can personalise and use at their own disposal.

Another important advantage that comes with taking a franchise from Success Tutoring is the Success Kit that they send to all franchisees. This includes a range of digital and physical peripherals that put franchisees in a position to run a business with full strength from day one.

Your Success Kit will include a seating arrangement for teachers and students and basic furnishing and stationery for classrooms. Similarly, marketing equipment such as banners and office supplies form part of the success kit. Training modules and shared resources such as extensive notes and information put the tutors in a position to conduct their work diligently.

An important addition to the Success Kit provided by Success Tutoring is the Success Tutoring Kiosk. Our revolutionary addition to the business model offers improved customer satisfaction by providing a unique, turn-key business system that removes the need for a receptionist, and any risk of human error in the administrative processes. With an exclusive interface customised to the customer’s designated centre, the Success Kiosk reduces wait times and simplifies administrative processes, including booking and payment processes to capitalise on the future of modern technology and education.

As a franchisee, you should invest in a franchise that features a proven, turnkey system and offers training, marketing, and business support – much like Success Tutoring.

If you want to learn more about investing in a Success Tutoring franchise, download our information booklet below!

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