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Why Teachers Should Consider Opening a Tutoring Franchise

Teachers have the power to create individuals who are energetic, enterprising, social, cooperative, and a better fit for society. So, what better way to use your existing skills and further your social impact than franchising your own tutoring centre. (Plus, it’s an additional income!)

Research has shown that teachers are 30 per cent more likely to have a side job than those in other professions and more often than not, leave their full-time employment before retirement age. 

In lieu of looking for part-time work, opening a tutoring franchise, much like HSC Success Tutoring, may be the most lucrative proposition for teachers. Why?  Because a tutoring business only requires as much time as you can spare. Be it three hours or six, opening up a franchise will take the often gruelling initial set-up process out of operating a business. This means that you can begin business almost straight away, reducing the initial loss period. HSC Success Tutoring brings an alternative career paths for teachers who are interested to join our tutoring franchise.

As a franchise operator, you aren’t required to conduct tutoring yourself, however with your existing skill set, you definitely can. As a teacher, you have the opportunity to pass down your knowledge onto your employees to ensure all your employees are well-versed in how to motivate, uplift and inspire students to perform their best. 

With an extensive transferable skill set, teachers could see more success in operating their own profitable franchise. Plus, being well-versed in the education industry means you’ll be able to smoothly navigate your way around a tutoring franchise with a clearer understanding of how to overcome any challenges you may face.

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A tutoring franchise is often more lucrative than a private tutoring business and can have a low investment cost, particularly if you decide to franchise a Success Tutoring centre. Success Tutoring uses a ‘turn-key’ business model which means most of what you require to operate your business (furniture, stationery, marketing equipment, company merchandise, etc.) is included in your franchise starter kit! As your centre continues to grow, you can hire new tutors as required, or even open up another centre. 

As part of this ‘turn-key’ business model, franchising your own tutoring centre is often more successful because it’s based on a tried and tested system. Plus, with the existing brand awareness and marketing assistance from the head office, it may be easier for you to kickstart your centre. As a franchisee, you’ll have sound guidance and support to ensure your centre is as successful as it can be.

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