What services are offered?

K-12 Tutoring on a Membership Basis

Success Tutoring offers K-12 Tutoring services on a membership basis. Meaning, parents download the Success Tutoring App and book sessions for their children (either on a recurring or one off basis). The services at Success Tutoring include providing personalised English and Math programs. 

When a student enters Success Tutoring, they complete a 40 minute diagnostic assessment which is based on their grade level. Once the assessment is completed, our managers provide parents with a recommendation which is then turned into a personalised program for the student. 

Some of the tutoring services that we offer include:

  • English & Math Tutoring
  • OC/ Selective Tutoring
  • Homework & Assignment Help
  • School Holiday Programs

One unique aspect of Success Tutoring is the school holiday programs. During the school holidays Success Tutoring operates and provides students with programs such as learn how to code, public speaking, creative writing program and fun events (like movie nights!) A strong benefit of running a Success Tutoring centre is the fact that you have a recurring flow of income (even during the school holidays!)