How to stay motivated when you’re your own boss

There is a world of a difference when you work for my own or work for a boss. Being an entrepreneur is a dream come true for many people.

While one is not required to justify one’s actions to a boss, staying motivated may become challenging at times. An entrepreneur should make conscious efforts to keep himself motivated every day. This keeps him optimistic and the energy and positive vibes transmit to the staff. Staying motivated oneself is the best way to keep the staff motivated.

When you do something towards achieving your goals every day, it builds in an impetus. Here are some tips to keep entrepreneurs inspired, 24/7/365:

Read everyday

Pages of a book sometimes turn out to be the best location for finding a mentor. Successful people read for at least 30 minutes a day and list the quality as among the top factors that make them successful.

Reading inspirational content is likely to deliver better outcomes in this regard. This comes in the format of spiritual books, business biographies, and self-improvement literature.

Jot down your goals

People often fail to find the utility in maintaining a journal or writing one’s goals down. However, when one makes the practice a habit, it stands to render positive effects over one’s psyche and transforms into the everyday environment, bringing success in the process.

Choose to work over a single task associated with your main goal

Multitasking sometimes becomes counterproductive for work efficiency. Focusing on a single task at a time still takes one closer to one’s main goal. It is the progress made in the right direction. Once the momentum builds, the activity transforms into a habit and works well for organisational success.

Maintain a bucket list of tasks

When one is unsure of what one needs to do, it is sometimes because one is unsure of where to start. One of the best ways of overcoming the issue is to maintain a bucket list of tasks that help build some sort of momentum.

The purpose of maintaining a bucket list is not to overwhelm a user, but to add to the levels of motivation. A few of the tasks may be conducted as a feasible or a pleasant change when the monotonicity of the work overwhelms one. Just as an instance, organising of desk drawers or files can make it to your bucket list. At times, when one completes one of the tasks successfully, it inspires one to go ahead with the other.

The 5-minute rule

When one finishes a task of any nature, it can be one of the top factors for motivating an entrepreneur. Going by the rule, one should take up a task that one can finish it within a time gap of 5 minutes or less. It may be something like scheduling appointments, social media posts, or sending emails. Upon the completion of the task, you can expect an entrepreneur or any individual to be in an entirely different frame of mind. This will deliver the energy to do more work.

Take breaks at work

Numerous people attempt to spend four or five hours straight over a project. The methodology may not deliver the best results in all cases. Studies show that upon working for 90 minutes uninterrupted, the focus begins to wane.

One of the best ways to overcome the issue is to take breaks at work before you get to the 90-minute mark. Take coffee breaks, or take a small walk around the place.

Similarly, when you come to figure out that the motivation towards work is lagging, you could focus on one task for 20 minutes and switch tasks iteratively. It is okay to use a timer for the same.

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