The positive impact of motivational education on students

John creates motivational online tutoring lessons for his students
John creates motivational online tutoring lessons for his students

Parents and teachers frequently ponder over matters such as the ways to make their child or students study harder, such that their academic performance enhances.

There are numerous ways in which a student can be motivated. Being a part of classroom discussions is one of these ways. Similarly, involvement in extracurricular activities and sports is just about sure to help.

A most important part of the motivation to study dedicatedly, and earn academic accolades comes from parents and teachers themselves. Let us consider how motivation enhances students’ academic performance:

Positively affects cognition and psychological states

A motivated student is more likely to lay a requisite bit of attention over specific bits of information. His experiences help him grasp a better understanding of learning materials, just like his ideas, senses, and thoughts. This is a marked improvement over routinely going through the process of learning.

Preference-based learning

Students should learn to enjoy what they do or learn. That way, they will be delighted to learn their lessons even while there are no incentives involved. 

In the long run, intrinsic motivation is what works best for students. Overall, education should be presented in a manner that it becomes more interesting for the students. This is subject to the teaching styles as well, which should entice curiosity and attention at the same time.

In the same line as intrinsic motivation, extrinsic motivation is equally important. Extrinsic motivation induces intrinsic motivation. Teaching staff and parents should correspondingly understand what the students like the most about school and their studies, and focus on those parts.

When the uninteresting turn into interesting – it is good for learning. 

Motivation makes one more determined and energetic

When the students are motivated, they are by default more enthusiastic regarding the activities that are presented over to them. They will then pursue a task with their full enthusiasm and energy, and devote their time over it. 

Even if it is a new topic that they deal with or it is something that does not capture their interest, they pursue it with full attention. Motivation is a demarking factor, which defines if a student does a task voluntarily, or as a matter of compulsion.

Influences the values and the behaviour of a student

Students can be motivated when academic staff puts in efforts towards the same. But when a student has behavioural issues, motivating him is going to be a difficulty.

Still, parents and academic staff should make it point to put in tireless efforts to ensure that the student’s negative behaviour transforms into positive. One method that helps in this regard is when a student is presented with a task; he should also recognize the advantages that come with it. 

What are the factors that influence motivation?

Keeping students’ motivation at a high level is a problem that is likely to persist throughout the year. Nevertheless, towards the beginning of an academic year, the problem stays at higher levels. 

At such a time, students are characteristically not motivated towards learning. It may be because the fear of not performing up to their expectations bogs them down. Similarly, there are cases wherein they do not find the tasks to be challenging enough. In some cases, they may require special attention as well. At times, the students are intrigued by emotional issues. 

Research shows that when the students find requisite guidance, motivation returns to their everyday routine, and they gel in nicely within the academic environment. Additional tutoring, beyond school, can play an important role in this regard, while it helps students with their lessons as well.

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