What is in your Success Kit?

Taking on a franchise granted by HSC Success Tutoring is going to be the finest business decisions one ever makes. This is a lucrative proposition for business growth, expansion, and higher profits. It also comes with the advantage of allowing one to do one’s bit for the local community one resides in.

When you takes on a tutoring franchise with HSC Success Tutoring, you receives a success kit. The success kit is merely a start-up kit packed full of essentials you’ll need for the first few months of the initial set-up. Let us take a look at the contents that the success kit you receive will have enclosed:

Success Tutoring Centre

Furniture & Accessories

This features a basic seating arrangement for teachers and students, school desks and a kitchenette for staff.

Office Supplies

Whiteboards, whiteboard markers, and general stationery.

Marketing Equipment

This includes signage, motivational posters, and banners.

Company merchandise

Including branded pens, notebooks, hats, T-shirts, and pen stands.

1-on-1 training from head office

As a franchisee, you’ll receive 1-on-1 training from head office to ensure you’re well prepared for what your roles and responsibilities are.

Training Modules

We will transfer training modules so you can extensively train your new staff.

Shared Resources

Shared resources will be in the format of centrally maintained databases that store collaborative resources from the staff, including worksheets, past exam papers, extensive notes and information.

Girl in a Tutoring lesson

Ongoing Marketing Support

We will provide ongoing marketing support for the brand including the provision of promotional material to use at your own discretion.

Success Tutoring Kiosk

Our revolutionary Success Tutoring Kiosk offers improved customer satisfaction by providing a unique, turn-key business system that removes the need for a receptionist, and any risk of human error in the administrative processes. With an exclusive interface customised to the customer’s designated centre, the Success Kiosk reduces wait times and simplifies administrative processes, including booking and payment processes to capitalise on the future of modern technology and education.


Moodle is a new age Learning Management System (LMS) that delivers a range of advantages for e-learning projects in schools, flipped classrooms, distance education, and blended learning.

As a sophisticated tool, Moodle will simplify keeping in touch for tutors and students, using mobile notifications, forums, and messaging. It further simplifies creating custom assessments for your students and getting feedback over teaching. Monitoring a students’ progress is simplified using the tool, so support can be extended at all points where required. It further becomes easier to motivate the class with digital rewards for activity completion and participation.

This is merely a brief insight into what you can expect to receive in your Success Kit (we can’t give away all our secrets!). For more information, visit our website and download your information booklet today!

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