How to advertise a tutoring business

Advertising a tutoring business within the first few days before and after its establishment are crucial. As a business owner, you will have the choice of advertising his business in both ways, offline and online. Either option is a lucrative avenue for advertising business in this case.

So where do you start?

Traditional Marketing

Newspaper ads

Newspaper ads will boost your reach among the local community.


Location, location, location! Highly frequented locations in your local community are the best place to start. Whether you advertise with a brochure in hand or put up posters, there are some locations that will give you more success than others.  


Go straight to the source – schools. Contacting schools to advertise your new centre in their school newsletter will allow you to communicate directly with the parents of students who may be struggling in school.  

You could also ask the authorities if there is a place within or close to the school where they allow you to put posters advertising your business, such as a notice board or the school gates.

Community centres

Community and sports centres are frequented by students and their parents. You may wish to obtain permission to pin brochures to the community notice board or organise a stall at the centre to hand out brochures yourself. 

Public libraries

Public libraries make a nice and feasible location for advertising your tutoring business. They are likely to have bulletin boards that can advertise local services. There may be a section for pamphlets and brochures as well where you could ask the staff if it would be okay if you paste your pamphlets.

Alternatively, you can market your business online which will allow you to expand your reach to potential clients who reside outside of the area you would have chosen to market in person. It also gives you the option to advertise using free and paid advertising methods. 

Social Media Marketing

Take advantage of free social media platforms! Publishing content over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. will allow you to boost your online presence and raise brand awareness. By advertising your business on these platforms with paid sponsorships, you can directly reach your target audience.

Facebook groups

Facebook will have some groups for local businesses. A business owner can become a part of those groups and create engaging posts to advertise his business.

Local business directories

When you list your business in local business directories online, it will show up in search results whenever someone in the vicinity conducts a Google search for your services. You can also list your business in tutor directories. A few listings will be free while others will be paid.

Google My Business

Create an engaging Google My Business (GMB) page with relevant photographs, address, and description. This is a free service that eases the search for people in the vicinity who are looking for your services.

Google Places

Google Places is Google’s free local business listings. When you list your business in Google Places, your business will be listed in local search results for a particular location.

Launch a website

Create an attractive website that presents your business in a positive light and shares all relevant information. You can create an aesthetic single page website that does not cost all that much.

PPC Marketing

Pay per Click (PPC) marketing is a paid marketing technique. Your ads will show up towards the upper right corner of Google search pages of viewers for all relevant queries. You pay only if someone clicks over your link.

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