How to start a tutoring business

Private tutors are in high demand across the country with parents are more committed to enhancing their kids’ academic performance in school. By starting a tutoring business, you have a chance to grow a business in a market that’s constantly growing and in high demand. 

Taking a tutoring franchise allows a business owner to operate using a tried and tested model. There are innumerable ways in which the parent company forwards help to its franchise, including with marketing and initial set-up. Working under an established brand name often benefits a franchise owner, particularly when it comes to brand awareness. This means you’re far more likely to be successful as a franchisee than if you were to embark on your own entrepreneurial venture.  

Let us take a look at a sequence of steps that can help you establish a tutoring business:

1. Find a franchise that matches your values

Starting your own business doesn’t mean starting from scratch. You can bypass the business development phase and the uncertainty surrounding whether the company will be successful by opening up a franchise. At HSC Success Tutoring, we have a tried and tested business model that will almost always be successful, deep rooted in our mission to transform the way education is delivered to students.

2. Decide on a location

Since the demand for additional educational services will continue to be in high demand across the country, you have the opportunity of opening your tutoring franchise almost anywhere.

Looking into commercial premises close to schools and other extracurricular activities that students particulate in could increase your chances of being successful in this business venture.

3. Have a business plan in place

Whilst most franchisors will have a business plan modelled for you, you may have some modification you wish to make – note these down to ensure your company is always meeting the needs of your clients.

Success Tutoring Centre

4. Invest in supplies

You may want to invest in additional supplies to ensure you can extensively supply the service you’re selling. If you choose to franchise a Success Tutoring centre, set-up furniture and equipment is supplied in your initial franchise pack, however, you may wish to go ahead and add onto this package.I

As your business grows, you will grow your inventory as well. Once you have a better idea about the nature of your business, you’ll know what additional supplies are required.

5. Licensing requirements

You may require a license for running a tutoring business. So stay in compliance with the legal requirements associated with your commercial premises and your tutoring business. Contacting the vendors directly is likely to deliver the best results in this regard.

6. Advertise your business

You may post fliers in the vicinity, or ask the neighbouring schools to advertise your business. But, you should begin looking into ways of advertising your business so you can guarantee the public interest!

If this sounds like a venture you’re interested in, visit to learn more about franchising with HSC Success Tutoring.

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