Pre-Uni vs Success Tutoring


In the dynamic world of education, choosing the right path for your child’s academic journey can be a daunting task. As parents and senior high school students explore the possibilities, two prominent names often surface in the conversation: Success Tutoring and Pre-Uni. Let’s delve into the nuances, explore the differences, and discover why Success Tutoring might be the key to unlocking your child’s academic potential.

What is Success Tutoring?

Why Success Tutoring Stands Out:

Founded in 2017, Success Tutoring has swiftly become a beacon of academic support with 25 locations across Australia. Specialising in personalised English and Math tutoring, the program is enriched by the expertise of enthusiastic university students within a collaborative group setting. The secret sauce? A fusion of contemporary methodologies and adaptive technologies seamlessly integrated into a user-friendly app.

Similarly, Pre-Uni, with roots dating back to 1992, has established itself as a stalwart in the educational landscape. Operating across 25 locations in Australia, Pre-Uni’s focus spans subjects such as Maths, English, and Science. High achievers in HSC mentor students in a traditional learning environment. The cornerstone of Pre-Uni’s approach is the incorporation of cutting-edge technologies and innovative learning styles, ensuring easy access to courses and accelerated learning. This commitment is reflected in their longstanding history and continuous evolution to meet the educational needs of students

Why Success Tutoring over Pre-Uni?

Unlocking Distinctive Experiences:

Smart Investments, Smarter Outcomes:

Success Tutoring’s pricing structure, starting at $40 for a single session and offering unlimited sessions at $95, reflects a commitment to affordability without sacrificing excellence. In contrast, Pre-Uni’s pricing, though competitive, may appear relatively higher, especially when considering the material fees and early bird prices. Their prices range from $673.50 for Englished Advanced to $888 for Maths and Science subjects with a material fee of $30 for all subjects (Pre-Uni). This makes Success Tutoring a more accessible option for a broader audience, ensuring that quality tutoring is within reach for more families. 

However, whilst Success Tutoring emphasises affordability and a focused approach on specific subjects, Pre-Uni’s longer tenure and comprehensive course offerings may cater to those seeking a more established and diversified educational experience. Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on individual preferences, priorities, and budget considerations.

How differently does Success Tutoring operate from Pre-Uni?

At Success Tutoring, our commitment to fostering a relatable learning environment is evident in our choice of tutors—uni students who bring a fresh and relatable perspective to the educational journey. We’ve designed an app-driven platform that simplifies access and scheduling, ensuring convenience for both parents and students. With a remarkable 98% of our students experiencing noticeable improvement, our results showcases the effectiveness of our personalised approach.

Pre-Uni, on the other hand, boasts a different tutoring model. Their tutors are high achievers in the HSC, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table

Success Tutoring’s contemporary success is underscored by its innovative approach, featuring an app that streamlines the booking process and fosters a personalised, group-based learning environment. This distinguishes it from the competition. In contrast, Pre-Uni, while incorporating cutting-edge technologies, may lean towards a more traditional learning setting. Success Tutoring’s emphasis on a dynamic, group-centric atmosphere provides students with a unique and engaging experience, setting it apart as a leader in modern tutoring.

In the realm of academic support, Success Tutoring stands as a modern triumph, marked by its innovative ethos and a distinctive approach that places it at the forefront of contemporary education. Central to this success is an intuitive app that not only simplifies the booking process but also cultivates a personalised, group-based learning environment. In the same way, Pre-Uni’s similar commitment to cutting-edge technologies is evident. However, a nuanced distinction emerges as Pre-Uni appears to lean towards a more traditional learning setting. While both companies integrate technology into their educational frameworks, Success Tutoring’s emphasis on a dynamic, group-centric atmosphere brings a unique flavour to the tutoring experience.

In exploring these distinct approaches, it’s crucial to acknowledge that both Success Tutoring and Pre-Uni contribute significantly to the educational landscape. While Success Tutoring champions a modern, group-centric philosophy, Pre-Uni’s more traditional setting resonates with those seeking a familiar, time-tested approach. Each has its merits, offering students diverse avenues for academic enrichment.

While their approach may differ, they integrate cutting-edge technologies and innovative learning styles, ensuring an accelerated learning experience. The success of their teaching model is evident, with a significant portion of successful selective school applicants attributing their achievements to Pre-Uni’s guidance. It is said that around 2500 of the 4000 successful selective school applicants were students from Pre-Uni (SMH). 

Both Success Tutoring and Pre-Uni prioritise the significance of relatability and expertise within their tutoring teams. Success Tutoring strategically opts for uni students, aiming to establish a personal connection with students on a profound level. This approach creates an environment inspired by university life, fostering a sense of familiarity, whilst Pre-Uni leverages high achievers in the HSC, offering students mentors who have successfully navigated the challenges they currently face. The choice between the two approaches ultimately depends on your preference for a more relatable, university-inspired environment or a mentorship by top HSC achievers. 

What does studying at Success Tutoring look like?

Success Tutoring employs an Australian curriculum, meticulously designed to align with national education standards. Our focus on dynamic English and Math sessions ensures that students receive a comprehensive and tailored educational experience. The Australian curriculum serves as the foundation, fostering a deep understanding of subjects and preparing students for academic success.

Similarly, Pre-Uni also adopts an Australian curriculum, adhering to the educational standards set by the nation. The curriculum encompasses a range of subjects, providing students with a well-rounded foundation. Both Success Tutoring and Pre-Uni prioritise delivering education in line with the Australian curriculum, ensuring that students are well-prepared for academic challenges.

At Success Tutoring, we believe in the power of collaboration and learning from peers. Our group environment is carefully curated to encourage students not only to interact with tutors but also to engage with their peers. This collaborative atmosphere allows for a richer learning experience, where students can share insights, discuss concepts, and collectively enhance their understanding of the material. Similarly, we believe in a flexible approach to homework. We provide assignments only upon request, allowing students to manage their workload based on their individual needs and preferences.

In contrast, Pre-Uni adopts a different approach to the learning environment. Students are organised in rows, and while the focus is on individual learning, the structure may not encourage as much interaction among students. Likewise, Pre-Uni expects students to revise previous classwork and complete all assigned homework. While this structured approach can instil discipline, it may not cater to the diverse learning preferences and schedules of all students. The emphasis at Pre-Uni is on individual progress, and the learning atmosphere may vary compared to the collaborative setting at Success Tutoring.

Both Success Tutoring and Pre-Uni recognize the importance of the Australian curriculum in shaping students’ academic journeys. While Success Tutoring fosters a group environment, encouraging collaboration and shared learning experiences, Pre-Uni’s approach leans towards individual progress in a structured setting. 

Success Tutoring's unique value proposition vs Pre-Uni:

A Beacon Of Modern Education

Our unique value proposition centres on a personalised and modern approach that fosters collaboration. We prioritise transparency in our pricing structure and are committed to delivering noticeable improvements in your child’s academic journey.

Similarly, Pre-Uni offers a comprehensive approach to education with a focus on cutting-edge technologies and accelerated learning. Their commitment to high achievers in HSC reflects their dedication to academic excellence.

Pre-Uni vs Success Tutoring Investment Comparison Table

Pre-UniSuccess Tutoring
Number of Locations2525
Investment$100K (initial Investment)$80K-$100K
Ongoing RoyaltiesN/A$2,200 or 8% of gross revenue (whichever is greater)
# of Staff Rrequried51-200 employees4-8 staff
Marketing BudgetN/A$10k-$15K
ProfitabilityN/A$100-$180k per year in profit

Pre-Uni vs Success Tutoring Customer Comparison Table

Pre-UniSuccess Tutoring
ServicePrimary and secondary school preparation (NAPLAN, OC trial, etc)Personalised English and Maths tutoring services and homework and assignment help.
PricingRanges from $673.5 (English advanced) to $888 (Biology, maths 2U, maths Ext1, chemistry, physics) per course

They have material fee of $30 with early bird prices
Pricing starts at $40 for one session, $70 for 2 sessions and $95 for unlimited sessions

FlexibilityIntegrates and introduces cutting-edge technologies with innovative learning styles to Ensure Easy Access to Courses and Accelerated Learning

App that allows customers to book

Adaptive & modern
TutorsHigh achievers in HSC

Uni Students
SubjectsMaths, English, ScienceEnglish and Math that is personalised
Results2500 out of the 4000 successful selective school applicants were students from pre uni98% students see noticeable improve
CommunityRows of students and not encouraged to learnGroup environment encouraged to learn from friends
HomeworkRevising previous classwork and expected to complete all homeworkGives homework on request


While both Success Tutoring and Pre-Uni bring commendable features to the table, Success Tutoring stands out for its emphasis on personalisation and collaboration. Our modern approach ensures that each student receives tailored support, creating an environment where collaboration is encouraged.

Ready to empower your child’s senior HSC journey? Explore the unique offerings of both Success Tutoring and Pre-Uni to find the perfect fit. Book a session with Success Tutoring today to experience our modern and collaborative approach. Register at the centre nearest to you for a quick call with one of our tutoring experts. Your child’s path to success awaits!