Success Tutoring Ellenbrook



Success Tutoring, expands their second Western Australia location in Ellenbrook, growing their franchise network interstate.

Congratulations to franchise partners Avi and Barti for their very successful grand opening launch which was held in Ellenbrook, WA. Located in the heart of the growing Ellenbrook community, the excitement of the local community is very apparent. Setting up for success, the Ellenbrook location has already secured 45 memberships for its tutoring services from day one! The unique business model of Success Tutoring allows investors to become cashflow positive from day one. 

With 3 months of pre-marketing, sales and customer recruitment Avi and Bharti, Ellenbrook locals, holding respective careers in engineering and teaching, undertook this venture for “the betterment of the community’s children.”

The grand opening was truly an event with free food, free face painting, balloons, exclusive insights and advice from the Success Tutoring team, and a great turnout. Founder and managing director, Michael Black attended the event and presented an inspirational speech, providing locals with his commitment to ensuring that each student receives the best education. 

Franchise partner Avi speaks on what he is most excited about in this journey, “impacting the students here at Ellenbrook” and the Success Tutoring difference, which is “a personalised learning experience, assisting children with homework and creating a real impact.” 

Other aspects of the Success Tutoring difference includes; inspirational tutorsmotivational learning, being community-focused, having flexible scheduling, and no lock-in contracts.

Grand Opening Attendees Enjoying Free Balloons and Face Painting
Founder Michael Black gives an inspirational speech

Success Tutoring HQ shows no signs of slowing, with a plan of 10 additional locations secured and opening soon, founder Michael Black speaks on his motivations of “dreaming of giving the children of the next generation opportunities to grow.”

Michael mentioned “We are so glad to be transforming the lives of mums and dads across Australia as they leave the 9-5 and take hold of their future”

This great news comes as the 2023 year ends, which is usually a slow period for the tutoring business. With this unique business model, franchise partners are seeing strong returns throughout the year even during school holidays. 

Ellenbrook’s Partnership with a local not-for-profit

During the grand opening, founder Michael Black and franchise partner Avi announced the partnership of the Aishwaryas Foundation which is owned and operated by local father of the Ellenbrook community. The strong profitability of the Ellenbrook centre has allowed this partnership to unfold as 10% of revenue in January 2024, will be contributed to the foundation which has a vision to build a 24 hour Bulk Bill Medical Centre in the local community. This comes just as founder of the Aishwaryas Foundation unexpectedly lost his daughter.

The Success Tutoring Ellenbrook grand opening made a full circle over the weekend, when the father of franchise partner Avi, officially welcomed members of the local community into the Ellenbrook centre. This symbolic gesture was a memorable one as he presented a short speech which thanked all the local members for attending, showing support and being the ‘power’ behind the business and its success! 

The commitment and hard work of the Success Tutoring team has enabled the Ellenbrook location to achieve positive cash flow and memberships from day one. With a dedicated onboarding and marketing team, it’s very easy to see why families across Australia are flocking to Success Tutoring and investing in this fast-pace and innovative tutoring business. 

“We will not let you down and we will provide your children the best service in Australia"

If you feel a similar passion to Avi and Bharti about “the growth and journey of the next generation”, book a free no-obligation 15- minute call with founder Michael Black to learn more!