The future of the education industry

The world is transforming at a brisk pace, and the education industry is no different. The differences are showing up on both the fronts, the way teachers teach the students, and the ways in which the students grasp the information.

In line with the changes being seen in the education industry worldwide, newer opportunities have opened up for teaching and learning groups. This may take the format of E-Learning, online classes, and private tutoring.

Let’s take a look at a few of the most significant changes currently taking place in the field of education:

1. Personalised learning strategies

Personalised learning strategies now form one of the key focus areas in education. Educationists now recognise the significance of personalised learning strategies and the limitations of classroom learning. Personalised learning strategies give those students struggling with particular subjects the opportunity to match the level of ability of their class. 

With personalised attention, a student begins to develop an aptitude to explore the concepts of the subject. It’s this motivation that, according to several studies, can actually see an improvement in their overall academic performance.

2. Collaborative ventures

With the arrival of new technologies, the sphere of education is constantly changing. E-learning is no new concept, however, with classes and tutoring lessons now being offered online, learning is no longer limited to classrooms, textbooks or whiteboards. Online training courses have an elaborate scope, from universities to TAFE, students are empowered to enrol and complete a course from the comfort of their own home. 

In the future, it’s likely that students will be able to enrol for any course being offered by any university in the world, and reach out to their peers from any part of the world. 

3. Exploring subjects in depth

With varied learning methodologies at their disposal, a student is empowered to explore a subject in-depth and open up new career opportunities for themselves. With some tutoring companies, including HSC Success Tutoring, now offering online tutoring, students have study, homework assistance and tailored education at their fingertips. 

4. Edutainment

Edutainment is primarily an amalgamation of entertainment with learning. This is a visionary concept that brings new horizons in the reach of students.

Online videos and slideshows are likely to help students learn better. We nowadays find that implements of Augmented Reality have transcended education to a new level. It takes learning beyond pen and paper and helps students with observing and relating to a concept in numerous ways.

Media, when used for imparting education, comes with its own set of benefits. As the students’ creative skills are honed, it augurs well for their future. Mediums including recorded audio-visual lessons and educational podcasts have become aids in education. This has the potential to complement, and in some cases replace traditional classroom learning.

5. Strengthens teacher’s relationship with their students

Today, we find that there’s an ongoing transformation in the relationship between teachers and students. Teachers are no longer the sole source of learning, rather incorporate additional methods in order to communicate ideas. Often, students seek the aid of additional educational services including tutors to remain academically competitive in the classroom.

At HSC Success Tutoring, we understand the significant impact that new technologies have on motivating students, that’s why we offer online classes.  We have, and will continue to strive to shape the future of education for Australian students, by offering personalised lessons to maximise their results.

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