Success Fitout

The Success Tutoring Fitout

Taking a tutoring franchise is going to be hard work. When one gets a tutoring franchise from HSC Success Tutoring, one of the best tutoring company in Australia, one can be assured about monetary returns at the desirable levels. But few things can match the sense of accomplishment when you see your students achieve success at academics!

Renting a centre to initiate your tutoring franchise is never going to be sufficient for having your business up and running – we’ve noted some things to look for before you decide on a location. It is a must to ensure that your business place has good furnishing and lighting so that the students have a better overall tutoring experience.

When one invests in a tutoring franchise granted by HSC Success tutoring, we send over a Success Kit which gives you a great head-start and by giving you the necessary tools and equipment you’ll need for the first few months of operating.

Interior of a potential tutoring franchise


In your success kit, you’ll find tables, chairs, kitchenette’s and cupboards to fit out your centre, allowing you to start your franchising journey with a bang! You aren’t required to fork out an additional thousands of dollars for basic furnishings – we’ve done that bit for you in your initial start up kit.

This is one of the advantages that come in with taking on a tutoring franchise, instead of starting your own – we take care of providing you with a success kit to remove the often tedious and time-consuming projects that could keep pushing your tutoring centre launch day back.


Making sure that your tutoring centre is well-equipped calls for having the right kind of stationery and whiteboards readily available.

In the success kit that HSC Success Tutoring provides, you’ll have access to pens, pencils, scissors, staplers – the lot! We also supply whiteboards and whiteboard markers so you can set up your centre almost straight away!


Advertising is the essence of any business that involves public dealings, and a tutoring franchise falls in the same lines. We’ll send over our state-of-the-art marketing peripherals in your success kit that help you with locally advertising your business. This will include printed signage that can be installed at the entrance of your tutoring centre. The success kit will further include motivational posters and banners for you to use at your disposal.

In this mutually beneficial franchise tutoring arrangement, HSC Success Tutoring is dedicated to your success as a tutoring franchise. We will advertise your business locally over the requisite social media channels and list it over the local business directories, such that your business becomes searchable. Marketing support that we provide will be ongoing.

Success Tutoring Centre

Motivational peripherals

Keeping your staff motivated about work is contagious, and the motivation transfers to your customers. We’ll send over branded pens and pen holders that you can use, along with additional branded merchandise for the staff.

Success Tutoring Kiosk

Our revolutionary Success Tutoring Kiosk offers improved customer satisfaction by providing a unique, turn-key business system that removes the need for a receptionist, and any risk of human error in the administrative processes. With an exclusive interface customised to the customer’s designated centre, the Success Kiosk reduces wait times and simplifies administrative processes, including booking and payment processes to capitalise on the future of modern technology and education.

HSC Success Tutoring (HST) is one of the fastest-growing one-on-one tutoring organisations in Australia. Within two years of its establishment, HST has become a pioneer in the Australian education system by being the only tutoring company that follows the research-backed, ‘inspired learning’ teaching method.

Franchisees who take on this lucrative business proposition will follow a tried and tested turn-key business model. With the billion-dollar tutoring industry already seeing a rapid expansion, the best time to invest in education is now

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