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Things to consider when looking for a location for HSC Success Tutoring

If you have chosen to take a tutoring franchise with HSC Success Tutoring, congratulations!

Looking for a premise for setting up your franchise tutoring business will be one of the biggest considerations that you’d have to make. The right kind of a commercial premise stands to render an impact over the amount of business it generates. If the premise is high on accessibility and well-advertised using signage and online marketing, you are likely to get more queries for your business and more students for the classes.

Let’s take a look at a few top tips for choosing a premise for HSC Success Tutoring:

Average pricing for spaces

Commercial property rents vary from one place to the other. There is characteristically a range of locations where you may choose to rent a premise for your franchise tutoring business. It may be in a residential area or an upmarket area. So long as numerous school students reside in the vicinity, the location should be good.

The of the premise must be an open-plan floor plan with an area size between 80-110 sq. meters. A franchise owner’s budget must be suited to rent a premise based on these criteria.

Commercial Office Spaces

For a franchise owner, it may be difficult to find a place that has been created specifically to be used for a tutoring business. Instead, one is likely to be better off renting an office space that seems to be the best fit for a tutoring business.

Open Plan Spaces

Open-plan spaces are ideal for setting up a tutoring business. They have a knack of keeping things comfortable for students and staff alike and make it easier for parents and staff to interact and create a community. The students will be happier to take lessons and study in such places.

Access to parking

Parking space is a must for any premise that you rent for opening up a tutoring franchise. It ensures staff, students and parents have a safe and accessible place to enter and leave the tutoring centre.

Access to restrooms

It is preferable if the premise has dedicated access to restrooms, particularly if you tutor younger children. Common restrooms are fine in the case of plazas. The lack of access to restrooms has the potential to turn away a section of your customers.

Close to shops and nearby homes

When a franchise tutoring business is located in an upmarket location, it makes the centre more secure. Shops close by will allow students to get snacks and stationery whenever they feel the need for the same, whilst also being ideal for parents who wait for their children’s lessons to be over.

An ideal location to open a tutoring franchise

Close to public transportation

A premise close to bus stops and metro stations will be more accessible for more students, particularly those in high school.

Signage potential

A few of the premises are more signage friendly than others. Out-of-home advertising withholds the potential to deliver rich outcomes for your tutoring business.

Clean and secure office space

Office spaces that are clean and secure not just keep staff, visitors, and consumers comfortable, but also work better from a business point of view.

HSC Success Tutoring (HST) is one of the fastest-growing one-on-one tutoring organisations in Australia. Within two years of its establishment, HST has become a pioneer in the Australian education system by being the only tutoring company that follows the research-backed, ‘inspired learning’ teaching method.

Franchisees who take on this lucrative business proposition will follow a tried and tested turn-key business model. With the billion-dollar tutoring industry already seeing a rapid expansion, the best time to invest in education is now

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