Top 3 Success Tutoring Franchise Partners in 2023 Revealed


Rapidly expanding Australian tutoring franchise, Success Tutoring showcases exemplary business results from franchise partners during the annual 2023 Franchise Awards ceremony.

As the first of its kind, these awards were launched by Founder  Michael Black and Growth and Performance Manager Kate Youssef last year to recognise and reward Success Tutoring Franchise Partners’ for their effort.

Growth and performance manager Kate noted “It’s great to celebrate the accomplishments of our Franchise Partners this year. I am excited to continue to work closely with our Franchise Partners and see what more they can achieve.”

The awards were separated into three categories to distinguish unique achievements and based on internal Customer Relationship Management (CRM) metrics and reporting systems that Success Tutoring uses:

Most Active Members in Australia 2023

  1. This awards the franchise that had the most active members over the 2023 calendar year.
  2. This innovative award acknowledges the unique membership model of Success Tutoring rather than the traditional pay-per-class method 
  3. This award went to Fernand Wedi with 225+ active members in his Wentworthville centre in NSW.

Most Foundation Members in Australia 2023

  1. This recognised the centre with the largest amount of foundation members that the franchise partner had from the first week of launching the centre (from day 1) 
  2. Success Tutoring’s membership model encourages ‘foundation memberships’ which are members that have signed up before doors even open, ensuring a revenue stream from Day 1 of opening
  3. This award went to Avi and Barti Sharma and their Ellenbrook centre in WA with 45+ foundation memberships.

Highest Customer Retention Rate in Australia 2023

  1. This award indicates which centre had the most loyal customers throughout 2023
  2. This award went to Michelle Webber who’s Claremont centre in WA had a retention rate of 98%, which is 2-3% churn rate.
  3. This is the second award that the Claremont Success Tutoring centre has won an award, the first being Voted #1 Children’s Service Franchise in WA.

The franchise partners were recognised during the annual 2023 Franchise Awards ceremony which invited all the franchise partners and managers of all Success Tutoring locations across Australia. All winners received a trophy and frame to be placed at their locations. 

These awards were created and aligned with Success Tutoring’s vision to become leaders in the education space and continuously improve. It encourages healthy competition among franchise partners as what better way is there to improve as a team by competing with each other and rewarding franchise partners. It aligns with our commitment to reward franchise partners and ensure that we are always growing. We have a vision to create more awards as Success Tutoring grows the franchise network. 

“We are happy of the achievements that our franchise partners and their teams received in 2023. The hard work of everyone paid off. I am excited for what 2024 will bring!”

Founder, Michael Black mentioned “We are so pleased to see these extraordinary results, I am so proud of the efforts of our team in 2023 and look forward to more growth in 2024…2024 will be a very big year for us as we plan to expand and grow with commitment franchise partners that align with our values and growth plans.”

Michelle Webber - Success Tutoring
Michelle Webber, Winner of Highest Customer Retention Rate in Australia 2023
Fernand Wedi - Success Tutoring
Fernand Wedi, Winner of Most Active Members in Australia 2023
Bharti Sharma - Success Tutoring
Barti Sharma, Winner of Most Foundation Members in Australia 2023

“We encourage anyone who has a similar passion for education to reach out and express your interest in a Success Tutoring franchise. We are bold and here to stay.”

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