A Success Story - Bharti Sharma - Ellenbrook, WA

Aussie mother ditches the 9-5 & paves a way to financial freedom


Success Tutoring Ellenbrook has hit the ground running as it reaches new heights and franchise partners eye launching a second site!

Meet Bharti Sharma. A wife to her husband and mother of her young boy. Bharti and her husband decided to launch Success Tutoring in 2023 in Ellenbrook, Perth. Bharti started Success Tutoring Ellenbrook in November with her husband and has not looked back since. In just 3 short months, Bharti and her husband are already looking to launch a second Success Tutoring site.

However it hasn’t always been easy for this family. Speaking with them, this is their first business and have traditionally been used to working full time for an employer. Growing up in a traditional Indian family, where relatives and friends are expected to aspire for a ‘stable job’ both Bharti and her husband had greater plans for their family.

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We have received the award today and we feel like we are on cloud nine. We would like to say a big thank you to ST marketing team for their hard work to help us achieve this award. We feel lucky to have support from the entire ST team and hope to work together to achieve future endeavours
Bharti Sharma
Franchise Partner - Success Tutoring Ellenbroook

Success #1 – Launched business with 45 members from day #1!

With 3 months of pre-marketing, sales and customer recruitment, Success Tutoring Ellenbrook achieved 45 members from day #1! A huge milestone for them and the tutoring industry. This also makes Success Tutoring one of the only tutoring organisations in Australia able to achieve a cash flow positive position from the first day of opening! You can also read more about the grand opening here

Success #2 – Partnered with local Non-for-profit

Success Tutoring Ellenbrook announced the partnership with local Foundation, called ‘Aishwaryas’. The foundation is owned and operated by a local father of the Ellenbrook community. The strong revenue of the Ellenbrook centre in the early stages has allowed this partnership to unfold as 10% of revenue in January 2024, will be contributed to the foundation which has a vision to build a 24 hour Bulk Bill Medical Centre in the local community. This comes just as the founder of the Aishwaryas Foundation unexpectedly lost his daughter.

Success #3 – Won Success Tutoring National Award 2023

The success of Success Tutoring Ellenbrook has not been left unnoticed with the centre winning nationally recognised awards… already!!! A huge achievement with plenty of more successes along the way.

A Success Story - Bharti Sharma - Ellenbrook, WA

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