What exactly is a franchise?

When one hears the word franchise, the first thing that comes to mind is the well-known brands in one’s town or suburb. In Australia alone, there are 1,100 franchised brands and they run over 80,000 franchises.

Franchising business got a head start in Australia in the 1970s. Nowadays, one can find a franchise for nearly all products or services.

Let’s take a closer look at what franchising means:

Franchising may be defined as an ongoing relationship, within which a franchisor grants a licensed privilege to a franchisee for conducting business. In doing so, a franchisee gains access to organised training, management, and merchandise, all in return of a franchise fee.

A franchise may be defined as a trademarked business formula owned by a franchisor, which is offered on sale to a franchisee. It allows a franchisee to run his business and work for their own.

Even while a franchisee runs a business that is their own, they are benefited from the brand name, processes, systems, and offerings of the franchisor. This accentuates the odds of success for the franchising business model and transfers the success of the parent company to the franchise.

Franchisor’s support comes in the form of their market-tested services and products, a proven pricing structure, and established techniques for marketing and advertising. Furthermore, their prevailing customer base would transfer to the franchise.

Why should one consider going for a franchise business?

Brand recognition

Your consumers are likely to be aware of the brand under whose umbrella you operate. This also brings in a large number of employees who would want to work with you and clients willing to use your service.

High success rates

Your franchisor would be possessed with strong market experience. He will be well informed regarding the services, products, and systems that work. Similarly, he is likely to have well-defined strategies in place regarding how to market and price the offerings. A franchisee hence benefits from working over a tried and tested turnkey business plan. Following the prevailing formulas delivers success.


A franchisor is likely to forward support to your franchise in terms of training. Further, they will make ongoing support available for your franchise during operation. This may be in the format of ongoing marketing support. This puts the franchisee in a position to be successful, even while he has never operated a business earlier.

Less expensive

Taking a franchising opportunity is likely to be less expensive than starting one’s own business. This also depends on the business domain in which one takes a franchise. Just as an instance, taking a tutoring franchise is frequently less expensive than taking a franchise in other businesses. Franchise tutoring opportunities are associated with lower set up costs.

franchising finances

Taking a tutoring franchise with Success Tutoring

Success Tutoring is of the best tutoring companies in Australia. An important advantage that comes with taking a franchise from Success Tutoring is the Success Kit that they send to all franchisees. This includes a range of digital and physical peripherals that put franchisees in a position to run a business with full strength from day one.

The Success Kit also includes furnishing and advertising material, which the franchise will require for the initial few months of operation. The success kiosk forms a part of the success kit that a franchisee receives. It keeps operations organised, simplifies customer service, and can be customized to meet a franchise’s requirements.

One of the reasons why franchise tutoring opportunities attract investors and entrepreneurs is because tutoring is a recession-free business. Even through times of recession, parents try and ensure that they make no changes in their children’s educational budgets. So, tutors are always going to be around.

By taking a franchise granted by Success Tutoring, a franchisee will be benefited by the well-established brand name of the parent company. Moreover, Success Tutoring also forwards ongoing marketing support, which greatly increases the odds of your franchising business finding success.

Success Tutoring is currently in the process of inviting proposals for franchising opportunities for all locations in Australia from all interested parties. This will be a mutually beneficial arrangement wherein you work for my own.

We look forward to hearing from you. Contact us with your proposals today or learn more about franchising with Success Tutoring by downloading our information booklet today!

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