Michael Black Interviewed by Australia’s Top Radio Stations


Up and coming CEO of Success Tutoring is in demand.

Michael Black is the founder of Success Tutoring, the fastest growing education franchisor in Australia and has recently announced plans to expand into New Zealand. 

Michael Black has been interviewed by no.1 Melbourne based radio station, 3AW, Sydney based station, Eastside FM, and Adelaide based station FIVEaa, all in the span of three days! Michael Black is continuing his media spree, being featured in two news articles by The Australian and The Indian Sun alongside his radio interviews.

Inspired by Michael Black’s first-hand insights on the impacts of COVID on school children, his talk with Grubby on 3AW details the benefits of tutoring, particularly after the impacts of closing down schools.

3AW is Melbourne’s most listened to radio station, and one of the most popular in Australia!

Black says the tutoring industry is “picking up the pieces from all the negative impacts all the kids have faced in the school system” and according to his expert opinion, “kids are at least 1-2 years behind” due to academic impacts of the pandemic. Tutoring, specifically Success Tutoring is amending these effects through their personalised tutoring services, development from “a diagnostic assessment…to identify strengths and weaknesses and build a personalised tutoring program specifically to them” and “motivational and inspirational uni students as tutors that are passionate about inspiring a love of learning.” Click here to listen to Grubby and Michael’s chat!

Michael Black’s next interview was with Alan Field on Eastside FM, which broadcasts to the majority of NSW, where

Black converses about his study wherein he found a link between COVID and the inadequacies found in school children. Black cites, “recent results that came out from NAPLAN last year that ⅓ students did not meet the necessary numeracy and literacy expectations set out by the government” and concludes, “we are seeing a significant decline in student results.”

Alan Field adequately observes that Success Tutoring’s huge goal for 100 centres by the end of 2024 is “a response to the need and demand for it.” Tutoring is needed due to the inadequacies of the school system and the boost that many students desire. Black elaborates, “the Australian education system is a cookie cutter approach which is not tailored to any one student, and what tutoring does, it personalises it for those students, identifies where their strengths and weaknesses are and provides a service accordingly.” 

Further, in Black’s article with The Indian Sun, he emphasises that the impact of tutoring extends beyond immediate academic improvement. Black asserts that “academic success opens up a plethora of opportunities and pathways for students, making their future prospects exciting and promising.”

Michael Black’s expansive multimedia spree is reflective of the exponential growth Success Tutoring has seen with continuous territories being claimed by interested franchise partners. If you are interested in joining Michael and Success Tutoring on their journey up, book a free 15 minute call with him here!