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Additional costs to consider when buying a franchise

Taking on a tutoring franchise from HSC Success Tutoring is a not only a financially lucrative investment but also a fulfilling business proposition, where one works for the academic betterment of school students from the local community.

Taking a franchise invariably calls for financial investment, and it is a fine idea to plan accordingly. HSC Success Tutoring is one of the best tutoring companies in Australia. We are a reliable and ethical brand that ensures our Success business model is as transparent as possible to protect you from hidden fees and charges associated with franchising.

In saying this, as a potential franchise owner, it is important to look into the additional charges associated with buying a Success Tutoring franchise (Psst! We go into more depth of this in our Success Tutoring franchise informational booklet which you can download here!).

Let’s take a look at some of the additional charges that a tutoring franchise owner should consider:

Looking into additional costs to consider when buying a franchise

1. Legal costs for lease

Legal costs associated with renting a location are negligible in terms of paperwork. But one should rent a premise that is best fit for running a franchise tutoring business – This means an open floor plan with a land area of over 80m^2 ,

This open floor plan will be able to host a waiting/reception area at the front and a minimum of six tutoring pods extending to the back wall. This promotes a positive learning environment for the students and encourages interaction between staff, parents and students to create a stronger sense of community.

When one rents a premise for running a tutoring franchise, these are a few of the prime aspects that one should look out for. If you choose to avail of the services of a real estate agent, this will incur an additional fee. But this will ensure that you find the best-suited location in the preferred vicinity at a lower monthly rent.

Rental Bond

As a franchise owner, one is often required to pay a security bond for the premise one rents. This will be the rental bond or the security for the lease and may amount up to a few months’ rent.

The rental bond may be in the format of a cash bond. It may alternately be a bank guarantee, wherein the tenant’s financial institution pays an amount to the landlord within agreed limits. The case arises when the tenant breaks any of the terms and conditions of the lease.

Marketing costs

Advertising a tutoring franchise well is important to attract the desired consumer cross-section demographics and catching viewers’ attention. Marketing a franchise tutoring business may be in the format of online marketing and traditional marketing.

You may carry out basic digital marketing in-house, through implements such as creating a Facebook page, advertising over Facebook pages with attractive posts, and advertising over other social media channels such as Twitter and Instagram.

Out of House (OOH) advertising comes in the format of marketing peripherals such as posters and lamppost banners. They should be placed at a location that ensures maximum visibility for students or their parents. Investment in TV ads and radio jingles is again an open option. HSC Success Tutoring extends ongoing marketing support for your tutoring franchise as the parent company.

Exterior Signage

The success kit that HSC Success Tutoring sends over will include exterior signage that works nicely for branding and transfers the success of the parent company to your franchise. A viewer is convinced regarding the reliability of your tutoring company merely by seeing the brand name.

Success Tutoring franchise Centre

Internal Fit-out

In your Success Kit, HSC Success Tutoring sends over the furnishing that makes it easier to run your business effectively right from day one. This includes a comfortable seating arrangement for students and teachers, work desks, and basic stationery such as whiteboards. However, over time these supplies (largely stationary) will need to be replenished, and for your own peace of mind, you should have some extra finances for repairs and replacements.

Accounting software

Your success kit will include easy to use accounting software that brings transparency to the financial dealings, simplifies record keeping, payroll, and offers an end-to-end coverage for transactional requirements at your tutoring franchise.

HSC Success Tutoring (HST) is one of the fastest-growing one-on-one tutoring organisations in Australia. Within two years of its establishment, HST has become a pioneer in the Australian education system by being the only tutoring company that follows the research-backed, ‘inspired learning’ teaching method.

Franchisees who take on this lucrative business proposition will follow a tried and tested turn-key business model. With the billion-dollar tutoring industry already seeing a rapid expansion, the best time to invest in education is now

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